Monthly Archives: July 2013

Moment to Live For

When around the dismal corner I drive, Windows open, autumn air hard On hands, See your eyes brighten open like Fast films Of flower blossoms blooming, since You had Expected to take the bus.

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Whiskey Haiku

Warm amber ardor Sweet rye sun, charcoal filtered Joy-propulsion juice.

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I Have A Tumblr Page

Well gawl-ley, Sgt. Carter. Don’t remember signing up, but there it is…see the link right—here: I reblogged a funny picture of a dog in a marijuana field. I learned what a gif is. I posted one of those.  It’s … Continue reading

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Morning Portrait, 8800′

Morning Portrait, 8800′ Strong, slight sundressed girl, all sinew, all arms and legs, steps from the den of  cool last night, sweat and woodsmoke, dawnlit, shoeless, wincing into sub-alpine August; She squints, fidgits, runs fingers through thick twists, tangles of … Continue reading

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