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Let’s Totally Clone A Mammoth

Not so long ago, yet  another well-preserved woolly mammoth was discovered, this time in France, near Paris, adding heat to the long-brewing rumors (threats? promises?) that scientists are a gnat’s eyelash from cloning one of these hairy has-beens.  There are … Continue reading

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POETS RIOT WHEN CAMPUS IS THROWN OUT OF RHYTHM By Mike Harden THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH At a reading by former U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins last week at Ohio Dominican University, I wasn’t surprised to see a Columbus police … Continue reading

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Freudian Poetry Link (Email #2)

The following text is lifted directly from an old email exchange…edited only for privacy: What kind of Freudian madness made this slip? —– Original Message —– from: (redacted) to: (redacted) Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2005 09:39 PM Subject: York Writes … Continue reading

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Welcome To Marcellus Country

  Welcome to Marcellus Country.  Shot near Roaring Springs, PA on the way to this place: Trough Creek State Park

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Email From a Friend #1

Hi, Charles, Now that you can read Chinese in your computer, here is your Chinese name for you.  查理斯曼格斯 the red one is your first name, and the black one is your last name. told ya, a lot of characters, … Continue reading

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South of Lander

Sagebrush Wyoming Redtail keen on the fencepost Hundred-mile sunset.

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A Note About Typographical Errors

I was just reading down through these posts and noticed a number of typos–wrong words, mostly, wrong tense here and there, dropped words, a few misspellings and grammar sins.  I may take the time, someday, to sort down through this … Continue reading

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