Blog Behavior, Minor Milestone: Post #50

Well, I’ve been feeling pretty smug about myself–not quite 3 months into taking this blog seriously, and I’ve managed 50 posts (with a bunch more in queue, in fact) and close to 100 followers (thanks, by the way)–and I could probably scare up some more, except that I realize that at this point most of my followers are folks whose pages I’ve visited and either “liked” or “followed” myself and I don’t feel right just following a blog to get a follower in return.  I only follow blogs that I actually enjoy and hope to keep up with.

So, fifty posts.  I guess that requires some sort of special post–and not the Tribute To George Dubya Bush I had planned, or even the next 12 Days of Halloween entry (I know, I’m behind…it’s about 7 days to Halloween…deal).

So: Hurray. That’s me. Celebrating. I’m going to go all out and eat a baked potato, too–as a snack.  With butter and salt and black pepper, maybe even some sour cream on the skins.  Bill and Mary Ann brought us 20 pounds of ridiculously good potatoes from their garden, and they’re off the hook.

I have never used that phrase before.  It occurs to me that a lot of kids in the cell phone age probably don’t even know what that means.

50 Posts.

It’s not big deal.  I found this blog today, and i’m in awe.  She just celebrated her 1000th Post, and they’re good posts, too.  From London and South Africa and Red Lobster.  None of that “helicopter cat” nonsense.  We’re talking REAL BLOGGING.

Anyway, thanks for reading.  Feel free to send your friends.

5 responses to “Blog Behavior, Minor Milestone: Post #50”

  1. Congratulations 🙂
    Baked spud, wow, that’s not something I’ve had in years, good one Bill & Mary I say… time to recify that deficit for me soon, I’m gonna opt for cheese and mayo on mine me thinks!


  2. Congrats on your 50th post! Definitely a milestone… hope the baked potato was as delicious as it sounds…


  3. I bet she wishes she had a helicopter cat post or two among her 1,000…


  4. Congrats! Your blog is cool. Don’t worry about followers. You can follow people and just check in once and awhile, but the blogs you really are into, have their posts delivered immediately. Follow as many as you can and you’ll be exposed to lots of great stuff!


  5. I’m the same way. I will check out blogs of those who comment and if they’re something I am interested in then I follow them. I love getting new followers but I am not doing my blog for followers as much as I am for me. 🙂

    Congratulations on the 100! I would be excited!


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