Excerpts From Old Email–The Pixies, Tony’s Theme

I’ve saved a lot of email over the years–sort of an electrical pack rat, I guess (put on your Philip Dick and think on that for a nano). I’ll be cleaning up and sharing the best of it with you.


Brian wrote:
Hey man, how in the hell did I miss the Pixies? Where was I in he eighties/nineties?
I hope that all is well! Peace out.

I responded:  “This is a song about a superhero called Tony.  It’s called Tony’s theme!”
I had a roommate named Tony for half of 1990 in Wyoming–he was a great guy, a recently returned Mormon missionary from the Napolean Dynamite town in Idaho (which was, at the time, to this Appalachian boy, like being a devout Poyahmian from the Planet Skeeloi) and he just fucking loved the shit out of that song.”

Tony, a super-hero in his own right.

Note: I rarely listen to the Pixies 23 years later, but I still keep in sporadic touch with Tony, and he’s been known to stop by this blog. 

5 responses to “Excerpts From Old Email–The Pixies, Tony’s Theme”

  1. Wow! I feel famous! I don’t know that I’ve ever heard that song, Chuck. Did you tell me about it back in the day? It could be that I’m just getting older and more forgetful. One thing I do know is that I’ll be sharing it with my family at bedtime tonight. By the way, you have permission to post that photo of me on these Internets. 🙂


    1. You used to play it all the time, and laugh. On cassette. I probably still have that cassette, in old army footlocker full of cassettes in my mom’s house.


      1. So it was your cassette that you let me play because I was such a superhero? You’re a true friend, Chuck. Not only did you help me make memory in the first place but now you’re helping me recall it.


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