Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-wife Busted After Allegedly Pulling Gun From Vagina During Alien Argument

UPDATE 9/21/2014: I was contacted recently by Ms. McCarthy, who is eager to tell her side of this obviously absurd story.  Please read her comment below.  Not only is is particularly relevant at this time when domestic violence is (sadly, and probably all too briefly) at the forefront of our collective psyche. 

Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife busted after pulling gun from vagina during alien argument 

So, within the past few days I’ve posted about Bigfoot, Pixies, and vagina-gun wielding alien believers. Still, follow the links–this story is priceless.

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5 Responses to Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-wife Busted After Allegedly Pulling Gun From Vagina During Alien Argument

  1. Greg Urbano says:

    can’t wait for the next post!


  2. this is wild. cormac knows how to pick them. her mug shot is crazy, too


  3. jennifer c mccarthy says:

    First I would like to commend you on the “sound” reasoning with which you approached the story regarding my arrest in January of 2014. Like so many of your peers, you assumed that because the story was so outlandish it had to be true. What level of decay has the media descended to when truth is determined by the level of a story’s incredulity? Based on a document written by an obviously semi-literate sheriff who merely repeated the strange tale told to him by an angry lover and founded on no evidence whatsoever, nor any reasonable probable cause, you chose to repeat unfounded accusations and slanderous lies as if they were truth 

    At no point did it cross your mind that perhaps this indeed was a case of domestic violence and that the attacker may have lied to the sheriff to rationalize his assault on me. Additionally, had you done a cursory search of the phrase “domestic violence,” you would have found countless results that included the statistic that up to 90% of all victims recant their statements. Noting this, you might have been able to include a bit of reason in your hysteria-induced article. Instead, you and the rest of social media perpetuated the abuse originated by Mr. Paleologo and maintained by law enforcement. 

    In February of 2014, I passed a polygraph examination with a score of +18. A passing score is +6. If I understand correctly, the chances that an individual with a score of +18 has been deceptive are .003. During the exam, I was asked if I placed the gun inside of or anywhere near my vagina. I answered no. I was asked if I ever pointed a gun at Mr. Paleologo. I answered no. I was asked if he placed his hand around my neck and squeezed. I answered yes. The test showed I answered all three questions truthfully. 

    In June of 2014, the District Attorney agreed to meet with me and my attorneys to listen to my version of the events that occurred on January 4th, 2014. A few days later the case was dismissed. 

    I write this eight months after your article appeared as it has taken me a considerable amount of time to pick myself up, dust myself off and stand tall after the pain and anguish that resulted from the events of January 4, 2014 and afterward. 

    You need to know that you and your peers contributed to that unnecessary hardship. For your sake, I hope karma does not exist. 


    Jennifer C. McCarthy

    PS. The mugshot reflects the face of a woman who was strangled, punched falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned, slandered and humiliated worldwide by people who were supposed to help her. She’s not supposed to look fuckable.


    • JunkChuck says:

      To be clear, I did not write the article in question nor comment on its obviously dubious veracity. My linking to it was purely–and obviously, I thought–a response to the absurdity of the story. The vintage photo of the model with a ray gun in her hand and a fish bowl on her head was intended to further emphasize that absurdity. I made no “reasoning,” sound or otherwise. I merely posted a link.

      That said, I apologize for whatever small part my referencing this news story played in your pain. I have often thought it unfair that media sources are not required to post retractions or follow-ups to hyperbolic, headline-seeking stories that are ultimately proven to be less than fully accurate. It is certainly disappointing, though not surprising, that your vindication was not promoted with the same zeal as the initial accusations.

      I’m glad you’re fighting back. I considered simply removing this link from the blog but have instead amended it to draw attention to your response, in hopes of providing one (very) small forum for your side of the story.


      • I appreciate your apology. I would ask you to consider amending the title of your post to reflect the dismissal of the case, as the countless search results with similar page titles strongly suggests the bizarre accusations are true.


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