Multiples of Five

She sets her alarm for odd minutes of the morning: at 5:34 AM the buzzer will call her to work, and she makes a point of leaving the house no later than 6:41. Before she goes she’ll set the thing for me, in case the adrenalin rush of watching her dress doesn’t drive me to a morning shower.  When that happens, I’ll then wake to the electric buzz, squint at the numbers to look and see what time she has chosen for me.  Most days it is 7:47, occasionally 7:48–but never quarter til or even ten til.  She doesn’t work on the quarter-hour system, or even on the ten minute marks.  In fact, she seems to be opposed in general to all multiples of five.

One response to “Multiples of Five”

  1. I like the focus in this piece. You have left a nuggett around which your reader builds a story. Well written.


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