Random Photo Found Via Google #10: Flapper Reading

Random photos from the internet to you, via me.

This one came up while searching for a photo of Andre Gide…her image made it onto the blog, his didn’t.  Yet.

flapper reading on stairs

About these posts and the photos in ’em: http://wp.me/p3AOvB-FN

4 responses to “Random Photo Found Via Google #10: Flapper Reading”

  1. Funny, I used one of his quotes in my image of two post’s ago!!


    1. I’ve got another one of his in line. He’s eminently quotable.


  2. I’m guessing that would have been considered extremely racy at the time it was taken.


  3. I enjoy the look of delight, presumably inspired by the book in her hand. The sexy leg is just frosting.


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