Quotes From The Other Side #2: George Pullman

“You give workers only as much as they basically need to survive. Thriving is something that management should do and that workers don’t have a right to do.”
–George Pullman

2 responses to “Quotes From The Other Side #2: George Pullman”

  1. source of Pullman quote please?


    1. I’ll do my best to find it. This post is a few years old and I was sitting on that quote for a long time. I know it was an article focused on the period of the 1897 depression when Pullman slashed workers’ pay while maintaining rents in quasi-mandatory company housing and simultaneously increasing dividend payments to investors and maintaining manager compensation levels. It was in a book, not on the internet, and I think from a letter. Interestingly, I did find it paraphrased in another article on Pullman porters, with the quote erroneously attributed to the interviewee rather than a quote.


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