The Saturday Snow White Variations Part 2

Last week, I told a story about my initial encounter with Snow White fetishism while introducing this series of posts.  In the ensuing weeks, I’ll be tossing out some of the multitudinous Snow White images I’ve found on the internet–some of it cute, some curious, a lot of it quite creative, and some of it even a little creepy.  So, without further ado:


Franz Jüttner (1865–1925): Illustration from Sneewittchen, Scholz’ Künstler-Bilderbücher, Mainz 1905

First thing first, the Snow White that probably comes first to you mind is a relative latecomer to the fairy tale.  By the time Disney brought it’s colorful cartoon to the big screen in 1937 the story had been swirling around since the early 1700’s in written form, with roots into oral traditions that reach back even further, although the modern incarnation of the story is often traced almost directly back to the tale of German aristocrats in the 1740’s.  Related variations on the them are found in German, Greek, Armenian, and Italian folklore, among others, although the version most closely related to Disney tale first comes into focus in the Brothers Grimm collections of the early 1800’s.

00b0ca3162011d64056172da2f902148It’s not surprising that most of the modern imagery I found relates to the Disney version, at least in terms of the blue and red dress, the pallid white skin and anthracite hair.  Some are reverently faithful to Walt’s cartoon sweetheart.







Some are traditional explorations of the theme.











932b7709c8e128241d1df5a480ca077eSome are sexy.












Some are a little past sexy.  Snow White clearly resonates.



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One Response to The Saturday Snow White Variations Part 2

  1. Diana says:

    Snow White is an interesting tale; I’ve always been fascinated by the Red Riding Hood tales.


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