Friday Morning Rock and Roll Idols: The Traveling Wilburys

25 years ago I snobbishly failed to appreciate how really, really great this was.

Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and Bob Dylan…

3 responses to “Friday Morning Rock and Roll Idols: The Traveling Wilburys”

  1. Yes on the Wilbury’s, certainly, Chuck. Even further back to ELO, I wish folks would give more credit to the genius of Jeff Lynne.


  2. I’m a big sucker for ELO–just last week I bought a digital download of “All Around the World” ELO’s greatest hits, since all their stuff I had before was on vinyl. It’s genius stuff–my first slow dance with a girl was junior high, “Can’t get it out of my head” which is sadly absent from the album I bought. Also, in 7th grade I got a cool all-in-one stereo for Christmas and a gift certificate for National Record Mart that I used to buy “Get The Knack,” ELO’s “Discovery,” and “Candy-O” by the Cars. Drunk with enthusiasm, I paid cash for Blondie’s “Eat To The Beat” as well. Great year for music. I still like all those recordings except for The Knack.


  3. Great superband, shame they didn’t produce a couple of more albums. Had they stayed together I think they would’ve just gotten better.


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