Random Internet Photo: It’s The Weekend!

I wish I’d had this one for Valentine’s Day, but I’m too impatient to wait 8 more months.

And here’s a tip–this is the sort of greeting every man would like to receive when he walks into the bedroom.










Some notes on these photographs:

  • This blog is for personal entertainment, not commercial reasons. I derive no income from this site.  Not a penny.  
  • The pictures in this feature are obviously not mine, and I have made no effort to secure the rights–I’ve found most of them on places like Tumblr and Pinterest, and it’s nigh impossible to find out the original sources.  I posted them because I like and enjoy them.  If any of these are yours, let me know and I can add an attribution–I certainly hope my posting has added a little fame or promotion to your name–or I can remove them, as appropriate.  Thanks!
  • I’m a man–with blustery, testosterone-stained, primitive, often immature, and generally not-fit-for-company tastes and preferences.  I like flowers and mountains and little baby animals, but I also like pictures of beautiful women, old motorcycles, stupid trucks, and so forth.  If the photo most appealing to me from a particular search is a bikini-chick in high heels riding an old Indian motorcycle, I’m going to go with it and welcome a dialogue re: my neanderthal sensitivities and the relevant socio-political implications of my actions. Just saying.
  • Likewise, it is highly unlikely that there will be an equitable inclusion of oiled-up muscular hunks to balance out any typical man stuff that appears in this feature.


3 responses to “Random Internet Photo: It’s The Weekend!”

  1. augustmacgregor Avatar

    This is the reaction men would love!


    1. Yep–a man can wish. With me it’s all covering her eyes, maybe a little sobbing and frantically looking for a secondary exit.


  2. She might be saying’ ‘lords it’s tiny!’ Possibly. Snortle.


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