Best Damned Quotes: Thomas Love Peacock On Poets

Thomas Love Peacock“A poet in our times is a semi-barbarian in a civilized community. He lives in the days that are past. His ideas, thoughts, feelings, associations, are all with barbarous manners, obsolete customs, and exploded superstitions. The march of his intellect is like that of a crab, backward. … The highest inspirations of poetry are resolvable into three ingredients: the rant of unregulated passion, the whining of exaggerated feeling, and the cant of factitious sentiment: and can therefore serve only to ripen a splendid lunatic like Alexander, a puling driveller like Werter, or a morbid dreamer like Wordsworth.…”

–Thomas Love Peacock

….Or a fat old shit like me.  When I trouble friends and family with yet another dose of middling verse I now, having found this quote, have testimony that it’s not my fault.  I can’t help myself.  I was doomed.

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Found Photo: Summer Collage–warning: may cause seizures!



Found on Tumblr.



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Confliciting Information


A “modern day spiritual” as Lawrence Welk’s singers rhapsodize about a romantic pothead loitering in a railroad station–in what kind of parallel universe did this occur?  Somebody should have looked up the word “toke.”


“Don’t Sneak”–a great story from NPR

The entire StoryCorps program is pretty damned awesome.

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Welcome To Night Vale on Poetry Genius

Here’s something fun.  Something weird and cool and fun…



Old Road Apples Goes Political: Save The Bees!

Thus far, I’ve ranted a lot, poked some fun, and expressed a fair deal of pointed revulsion, but I’ve avoided specific advocacy of social and political causes.  A friend of mine says this is “tepid,” but he’s a sandal-wearing brown-bread chewing bicycle-zealot who’s always talking about his footprint.  I tell him his footprint would be more profound if he got himself a good pair of lug-soled work boots and knocked it off with the Birkies.  The thing is, I don’t want to alienate liberals or conservatives, who annoy me separately, but equally, nor do I feel the need to lecture folks too much about subjects that seem obvious to me.  Finally, were I to give full service to all the stupid crap we do, collectively speaking, this blog would be a morose, suicide-inducing testament to the ultimate failure of mankind. (Just like the nominating conventions of both major political parties, but without all the jackboots, tear gas, and billy club beat-downs.)

But I digress. (Wouldn’t THAT be a good name for a blog?!)*

The news about connections between major insect pollinators, especially bees, and bee Colony Collapse Disorder, and a group of widely used pesticides called neonicotinoids is–and should be–galvanizing.  If you like bees, or trees, or pretty flowers, or if you’re one of those humans who likes to, um, eat food, the studies released a few days ago should scare the heck, er hell, no, the freaking shit out of you.

Consider this your heads-up. I’ll be posting more pollinator news as time allows me to gather and learn a little more about what I’m talking about!  In the meantime, here’s a link to get you started:


*It IS a good name–and someone is already sitting on it on all of the major blog sites.  The WordPress variant contains one post, from 2007–abandoned blogs with cool names, from losers who are just sitting on ’em: hate those.

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Irradiated Babes: Ms. TSA Pin-Up Calendar?

X-Ray Porn!  This was apparently a short-lived interwebs sensation in 2010, but I missed it and I bet many of you missed it too.


I know!  Smokin’ hot, right?  I mean, damn! Are you as turned on as I am right now?

Or not. I’m struck by how titillating these images are not.  There’s a seed for an excellent essay on objectification here, but I’m opting to see it as humorous.

But, all that aside, what the hell is it about? A friend sent me the following, incredulous link, which pretty much sums up my initial bemusement and curiosity.

But a search offered clarity.

This Exists: X-Ray Pin-up Calendar [Pics]

Yes, this really was an actual calendar and no, the TSA was not actually involved.  It was a promotional tool for a medical equipment company.  And no actual models were harmed in the making of this calendar.


Gyllenhaal & Southpaw Still Chugging Along

Somehow Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, and the rest of the cast and crew of the movie Southpaw are still carrying on locally, despite my sudden retirement from a brief,  and by all accounts meteoric (burning out and falling uncontrollably to earth) week-long career in the film industry. The stars were roaming around town last night, eventually settling in at local college bar Wolfendale’s (the kids call it Wolfie’s now, but in my undergrad years–before they had cages for sexy dancers and lingerie nights–it was Wolfendale’s) and delighting a handful of weekday drinkers, according to a rush of twitter posts.


Today, the Indiana Gazette reports that an additional scene will be shot in the County Courthouse.  Specifically: in the Sheriff’s holding pen.  Sounds like somebody was a bad boy. Lots of fun, a great little diversion for our small college town, and a nice bump for the regional economy.  With any luck, now that we’ve been “discovered,” location scouts will direct more of the many television and movie productions that come to the Pittsburgh region.,20120947/


Found Photo: Another Summer Photo

I’ve decided we’ll be throwing these summer shots at you until the leaves start to turn–or until I get bored.summer-jams  Looks like this one is a shot from an old surfer flick.


Eli Wallach 1915-2014


One of the greatest character actors of all time, Emmy and Tony Award winner Eli Wallach is best remembered as Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez, or “The Ugly” in Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western masterpiece, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” starring Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef. Close attention to the credits of a tremendous number (sometimes it seems like all) of movies made over the past sixty years–he played hundreds of roles during that time, on stage, in films and on television–reveals a wide range of characters, from Genghis Khan to Mr. Freeze.