Hangin’ With Jake–Hope You’re Not Jealous

jake-gyllenhaal-takes-his-dog-for-a-walk-in-nycApologies for being absent of late–please don’t take it personally.  I still love you, but I’ve been busy hanging out with Jake Gyllenhaal. Really. Sort of.  Wish I could say more, but I’m pledged to secrecy.

3 responses to “Hangin’ With Jake–Hope You’re Not Jealous”

  1. You’re either a Pap, or a minder/bodyguard… or… just a nosey neighbour? (grin)… it’s ok, I believe you. Nice to see you around by the way. Missed ya.


  2. Jake hanging out in I,PA for the summer? There goes his plan of layin low if he’s hanging out with YOU!


  3. Fifty Cent and Forrest Whittaker are here, too. Just chilling and downing IPA’s on the patio, beneath the pergola I recently built (photos this weekend). Actually, I’m an extra–playing a reporter at a boxing match. Never watched a movie filmed before–it’s pretty interesting, mostly fun, and super long hours (I’ve got 41.5 hours logged in 3 days). Gyllenhaal is doing some serious acting–really impressive stuff. It’s going to be tough to wait a year or more to see how it works out. Not much else I can say, and sorry no pictures; we have to sign confidentiality agreements. They’re already thrown out a couple of people for taking cell pictures.

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