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Seventies Superiority: Thanks To Evel

I read an entertaining blog post over at Insidethelifeofmoi in which Amanda makes a compelling and comprehensive case for the awesomeness of growing up in the 1990’s.  It was an eye opener, because I spent most of that decade well … Continue reading

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Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle…

Distinguished, notable feminists Gloria Steinem, Irina Dunn, and Flo Kennedy have alternately been credited with popularizing the phrase, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”  While I’m all about feminism, living in a house full of … Continue reading

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Finally! Ready For Some Football & Sean Spence

I used to call the months between the end of the college basketball season and the opening of NFL training camps as “The Sports Void” because I’m not a tremendous hockey or baseball fan.  It hasn’t been that bad of … Continue reading

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Found Summer Photo: Sandstorm

It’s been a little while since I posted a good summer photo–since it’s cold and gloomy today, overcast with just a high of 70 predicted, the time seems right.

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D.A.H.O.F. Spreadsheet Sex Guy

I suppose by now everyone on the internet has heard about the Spreadsheet Guy, which is the downside of having a weekly feature on a blog–some stuff just isn’t going to be timely.  Be that as it may, for those … Continue reading

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Fishing Story

Another joke told to me recently–don’t worry, this won’t become a habit. Four friends spend weeks planning the perfect backwoods camping and fishing trip. Two days before the group is to leave Frank’s wife puts her foot down and tells … Continue reading

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Chris Hitchens’ New 10 Commandments

This seemed suitable for a cool Sunday morning…of course, I always thought one would do well just following that “do unto others….” business.  Or, even more concisely, one could go with “Be nice.” Chris Hitchens’ New 10 Commandments 1.Do not … Continue reading

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Here’s a nice image of an attractive young man and woman motorboating.  What?  Not what you expected?

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I Am Sorry I Am So Lame

My last post read like an editorial in a high school newspaper, and for that I apologize. I mean to do better, but it is late, and I’m tired, and I’ve been concentrating on this damn novel at the expense … Continue reading

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