Drop Everything…And Watch This Video Now.

Neko Case has everything.  She’s a fantastic songwriter, a phenomenal singer, has a great sense of humor, and–sorry–is super hot in a plain old it’s no big deal casual UN-self-conscious way.  She makes a mean borscht, lives on a farm with about 24 pianos in the barn, and is pretty much Queen of The Galaxy.  And I can prove it:


6 responses to “Drop Everything…And Watch This Video Now.”

  1. This is completely brilliant and wonderful.


  2. Yeh, my thoughts exactly. My 15 year old daughter didn’t get it at all, which disappointed me for a little while until it dawned on me that it was a good thing.


  3. Dear Chuck,

    I think I’ll be swinging by for more entertainment. Fun stuff.




    1. Great! Fun is why I’m here. My blogging spares my family from having to listen to A LOT of bad jokes and long, pointless stories.


  4. I dropped everything to watch this video. Now I have to clean spaghetti sauce off the carpet. Can’t wait until 2091. I’ll be alive. Yeah, sure I will, thanks to the preservatives in Doritos and pharmaceuticals in tap water. HA! I’m glad you stopped by my blog to let me know you exist. I’ll be back (said like a female sounding Swarzenterminatorobocop with a southern accent).


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