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Stripper School: Harder Than You Think

As trade schools go, Stripper School is a lot more difficult than many trade schools. And for the record, they like to be called “exotic dancers.”  It’s classier.

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The Shortest Best Story Ever

This post originally appeared in Old Road Apples’ very first week of existence. No one noticed it. No one even read it. So, I’m giving it a chance at new life, as I will be doing with other, carefully selected … Continue reading

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War Is Cruelty, And You Cannot Refine It

Excuse me a moment while I alienate all the southerners reading this blog…. This is General William Tecumseh Sherman on scenic horse ride through Georgia–I got in a bit of a kerfluffle with a southern stranger on Pinterest last year … Continue reading

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What’s The Ettiquette on Re-Using Old Posts?

I started this blog at a snail’s pace–a lot of the initial posts had 2 or 3 or maybe 5 views on a very good day and some were completely ignored.  It took me a while to figure out the … Continue reading

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Autumn Photo: Hemingway’s Bloody Mary

Ernest Hemingway didn’t invent Autumn’s most iconic cocktail–that distinction is rumored to belong to Ferdinand “Pete” Petiot, a Parisian bartender looking for ways to dress up vodka for Russian immigrants and American expatriots on the lam from Prohibtion–but the iconic … Continue reading

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People Crackers?

My friend Miriam gave me a box of these for Christmas a few years ago.   I remember my grandmother giving me these to feed to her dog when I was little.  I guess they’re sort of the same deal?

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Autumn Photo: Yellowstone 1990

Wandering around Yellowstone with some friends way back in 1990, mid-afternoon on the road between Mammoth and Tower, we spotted a colorful grove of aspen trees.  We waded out into the dry autumn grass, plopped down, and stared up and … Continue reading

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