Peterson, His Fans: Pieces of Shit. Every One.

This amidst news that Adrian Peterson has enough anger in him to abuse not just one but two of his children.

There is nothing funny about being beaten by a parent, about fearing that one person in the world you should be able to trust above all others. Who laughs about a bleeding, humiliated child?  Someone fortunate enough to have never shamefully hidden welts and bruises in a locker room. Someone lucky enough to have never been smacked with a stick until “you’re man enough to take it without crying.”  Or kicked so hard his tailbone fractured.  Or whipped across the thighs with a belt “in case your ass is numb.”  The question that occurs to me is this: if Adrian Peterson–or any man–treated a pet the way he treated his children, would there be any debate over his cruelty and barbarism?

Here is what a pile of shit looks like:

And there is plenty more where this came from:

And it’s not just the fans who have Peterson’s back.  His team, the Minnesota Vikings, and it’s General Manager are supportive as well.  I guess Mr. Peterson deserves all this concern during this difficult time.  It’s difficult when the world discovers you’re a twisted psycho child-beating monster.

Four year old children.  Does he do toddlers, too?  Infants that cry too much?

Rick Speilman, the aforementioned General Manager, in what must be one of the most cowardly press conferences of all time, breezily explained that it wasn’t his or the teams place to judge how a parent disciplines his child, and that the Vikings would defer to the legal process before making any hasty decisions.  If Mr. Speilman would like a more tangible demonstration he might then use as criteria for judgement, I would be happy to travel to Minneapolis to shove his mouth full of leaves, beat his legs and butt bloody with a stick, and strike him in the scrotum with that same stick.

Peterson did issue an apology–on Twitter–in which he doesn’t mention his child until the fourth paragraph, long after apologizing to his team.  It’s the usual “sorry I was caught” crocodile-tear bullshit you hear from monsters feigning humility.  I’d be surprised if he actually wrote it–it has the stink of a PR hack about it.

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18 replies on “Peterson, His Fans: Pieces of Shit. Every One.”

Wow. Such strong judgements. I spanked my son when he was four with a wooden cooking spoon and it almost always left marks. I had to keep him home from YMCA summer camp a few times so fanatics that push their parenting techniques on the rest of society wouldn’t scream abuse. And I totally understand how a child that won’t be still for a whooping could hit their head. After realizing this could be a problem, or I could wack a non padded part by accident I wouldn’t spank until he was still but the longer it took for him to get still I would tell him the harder it would be. He has turned out just fine. A respectful, disciplined, accomplished young man. He is prepared for the realities of life. If you don’t follow the rules you will end up being hurt. What is this society coming to when people think it is perfectly ok to medicate record numbers of boys to the point where they are lethargic and their personalities are dulled. Yes, sometimes parents abuse their children but what a lot of American kids need is a good whipping from a loving parent.


Here’s a novel idea. There are all sorts of ways to teach life lessons to children that don’t involve physical pain or fear of physical pain. Just as with most life situations where making a wrong decision doesn’t actually involve physical pain as a consequence. By spanking, whooping, and inflicting pain, you’re teaching your kids something vastly different than what real life actually is about. I never spanked my kids, never whooped them, never inflicted physical pain on them as a teaching lesson — yet my kids also have turned in to respectful, decent young men. It ain’t the beating that did it Ms. Lewis for you and your son.


Spanking a child’s butt and legs is not abuse. You judge me with a self-righteous judgment. You know nothing of my child’s needs and what is best for him. Good for you that you never spanked your kids. I am not judging you for how you raise your children one way or the other. Not only did I spank my son but I signed a waiver that he could be spanked in school and the teachers spanked him. People need to not make a morality issue out of everything they don’t agree with or do differently. I guess you had kids that could be talked into not climbing out of their car seat or bribed into knowing not to run out into the street or pull lamps onto their own heads, thus endangering their lives. Your sarcasm and accusations against me reveal how self-righteous you are.


Ms. Lewis … my apologies if you feel like I’m judging you. I did not intend to do so. In general, I view spanking as taking the easy way out. There were plenty of circumstances with our kids where spanking might have made sense, but we chose other options. As far as I’m concerned there are always other options. I’ll be honest with you — when I first heard about Adrian Peterson, my first reaction was that it wasn’t so bad. That there are still places in this country where culturally it is OK to spank a child, to take a switch to a child, to discipline through infliction of pain. Who am I to judge those who live in those places? But the more I read about what he did, the more disgusted I get. As I said, in my view, there are always other options, better options than resorting to violence and physical pain. I applaud you for raising a good son. It’s not an easy thing to do. I know, I have two of them.

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Spanking was definitely not the easy way out. Not in my experience anyway. I ended up homeschooling him from 2-7 grade and he homeschooled last year (11th) and this year is his last year because he is a professional ballet dancer that works full time. He was diagnosed ADHD and we did endless charts with stars and my shelves were full of parenting books. I stand by my decision to spank. We both look back on those days with humor. I broke every wooden spoon in the house but one. Only one sturdy spoon survived those years. And he is still being disciplined through physical pain so it actually is still a reality of life for him. As a professional ballet dancer you undergo physical pain every day of your life in order to push yourself beyond limits. He’s broken bones, had back injuries, sprained ankles. He’s always heating, soaking, stretching to the point of pain and beyond.


By easy way out I meant to describe how a lot of parents just react at a “wrong” by grabbing a kid and giving them a swat or two. It’s far easier then to stop and figure out a “better” way. Your son sounds like somebody you can be proud of. At the end of the day that is what matters.


My experiences were a bit more, um, visceral, and while there’s no denying it made me the man I am today there was an awful lot of fear, timidity, and self-loathing to fight through. You know–because I deserved it. And I was lucky–when I was 13 I needed a good kicking because I turned on a radio while cleaning my room: Pat Benatar. Fourth kick in, I lost my balance and went down a flight of stairs, got knocked groggy and scared a little sense into good old Dad. I didn’t cry.

He ran off not long after, best day of my life, until I had my own children.

I’ve had this debate with other people, and I’m smart enough to understand that I’m not going to change anyone’s mind–nor should they take my disgust for bullies like Adrian Peterson and his ilk as indictments of their own parenting choices.

I’ve never struck my children, and they’re model citizens, highly responsible, generous and respectful, high-achieving scholars and accomplished athletes. This despite having a bum like me as a father. (Their mother is exceptional–the three of them together are, I believe, the reward for a childhood dominated by fear and loneliness.)

That said, there is a big difference between a spanking, or even a wooden spoon, and Mr. Peterson’s sadism. To recap–he beat his son bloody, shoved leaves in the child’s mouth, and struck him in the testicles. As Mr. White wrote in The Atlantic, “This was how Adrian Peterson aimed to teach his son how to share. But in truth, it was a lesson in patriarchy—that a man’s power comes from the control and degradation of weaker others.”

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Yes, a big difference between spanking and beating/terrorizing. I hadn’t read anything about the charges against him accept that he had spanked his son with a switch. I know that this could leave marks even break the skin. I guess that is why you feel so strongly against any kind of physical punishment, because of your awful experience with it. I do know that being a single mom, raising a strong-willed rambunctious boy, no amount of time outs, bribes, or talking to could accomplish what a spanking could in some instances. Different children have different personalities. Perhaps he would have responded better to a father. I have heard some mothers say that their children won’t listen to them the way they do to their fathers. Who knows. I just don’t want the government telling people its illegal to spank your own kids just because some people go overboard.


If that’s an accurate description of what Peterson did, I am stunned that the NFL and the Vikings haven’t done something similar to what they have done with Rice. As you say, it’s one thing to spank a child, it’s another to thoroughly humiliate and dehumanize him.


It’s interesting … Ray Rice is getting pummeled (pun not intended) for engaging in a mutually combative situation with his adult girlfriend. Meanwhile Adrian Peterson gets what … understanding and sympathy? … for abusing a four-year-old who is far more defenseless and dependent on Peterson than the girlfriend is on Rice.


It’s interesting … Ray Rice is getting pummeled (pun not intended) for engaging in a mutually combative situation with his adult girlfriend. Meanwhile Adrian Peterson gets what … understanding and sympathy? … for abusing a four-year-old who is far more defenseless and dependent on Peterson than the girlfriend is on Rice.


I burst into tears when I saw the pictures of that child’s legs. Then I saw Cris Carter’s rant and nodded along with him. My mother told me after I had my daughter that I would understand because the way I felt about her was the way she felt about me. I remember looking down at her at that point and thinking, “I will never hit this kid.”


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