Autumn Photo: Yellowstone 1990

Wandering around Yellowstone with some friends way back in 1990, mid-afternoon on the road between Mammoth and Tower, we spotted a colorful grove of aspen trees.  We waded out into the dry autumn grass, plopped down, and stared up and through the golden leaves at the perfect blue sky above. We dozed off and had what was, for me, about the most perfect afternoon nap I’ve ever had.
Old Scans_373

Old Scans_374

5 responses to “Autumn Photo: Yellowstone 1990”

  1. Gorgeous shots Mr.Chuck.


    1. Thanks–they’re just glorified snapshots, but I like ’em. I used to shoot so many photos a few of ’em were statistically likely to be decent.


      1. It’s all in the composition I find, that’s what makes a shot noteworthy.


  2. Is that a ufo in the first shot?


  3. Sure. It couldn’t possibly be dust or a scratch on a 25-year old negative!


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