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The Great Carols Conflict

This post appears out of order–it should have hit the net before the last post, but I’m apparently not clever enough to handle complex things like calendars.  I trust that you all are smart enough to figure it out, so … Continue reading

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My Favorite Christmas Records Countdown #24-26

Once I’ve broken down my wife’s resistance to 24/7 Christmas Music, I jam the old Sony 200-disc carousel full of Holiday CDs in slots 175-200.  The day may come when the hearts of men fail and they listen to streaming … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Lauten & The Obama Girls

I suppose most of you–among the American contingent, at least–have by now heard about Elizabeth Lauten’s ill-considered, vile attack on President Obama’s teen-aged daughters, Sasha(16), and Malia(13).  I’ve been busy with family for the past three days, so I’m a … Continue reading

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“Millennials” Love Pittsburgh: Duh. Of course they do.

My advocacy for Pittsburgh is tireless and nearly infinite.  Yet another national article for the bandwagon.

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Thankgiving: Where Turkey Comes From

Well, that last post was serious.  Time to get back to a more holiday-friendly, sillier tone.  So, I ask the question:  Where does Turkey come from? Why, from pretty girls, of course. We don’t see photos of famous actresses and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Food…For Thought

Way back in April, I followed a link to the awesome photo above, which itself had been taken from a twitter post by “Cleveland Frowns” and read through a few, mostly outraged, comments.  The overall tones of the discussion were … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Plato

I noted this Plato quote over at, one of my regular stops when jaunting through the interwebs, and I was inspired to rebirth the old weekly quotes posts.  It was either that or some kind of crude “hump day” … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Countdown: Day Seven, All Axes Pass

We’ve done the guns. It’s time to get visceral.

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Ferguson: When The Pot Inevitably Boils Over, We’re All Going to Burn Not being privy to the facts, I can’t begin to comment on the specific events in Ferguson, beyond that it fails the “stink test” though not as badly as the do many other police-related acts of violence.  The sad … Continue reading

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Immigrants Stealing “Our” Jobs?

I’m enjoying the sputtering protestations of simpleton would-be patriots in the wake of President Obama’s discussion of his plans to address immigration issues here in the USA.  At base is the outrage that, after 6 years of the legislative branch … Continue reading

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