Thanksgiving Countdown Day 5 (late)

It’s actually the morning of Day 6 because, on the heels of my my vapid post ever I was too 1) Shell-shocked with shame, 2) Quietly Bemused, or 3) just distracted doing a bunch of other crap, that I didn’t the Day 5 post out.  On behalf of the entire Old Road Apples staff, which is pretty much me and the geriatric dog, we beg your forgiveness and understanding.

Bad puns, anachronistic but appealing garters and hose on the pilgrim lass, and foreshadowing of the coming strife betwixt colonist and indigenous, and some Freudian imagery –I dare say this photo has it all: history, pyschology and literary instruction as well as the obvious sex appeal.  God bless America and pass the sweet potatoes. Also, interestingly enough, not a turkey to be seen.

4 responses to “Thanksgiving Countdown Day 5 (late)”

    1. Then, in the words of that legendary leader of men, “Mission Accomplished!”


  1. I liked this vintage shot and am worried at how few days there are left until the big feast! Happy Thanksgiving, just in case I don’t get back here to comment! I like to push like which at least means once in awhile I see your posts, I enjoy them so much, too.


  2. “An arrow escape”… Why do I hear David Caruso’s voice in my head??


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