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Rick Santorum Explores New Presidential Run

In honor of Rick Santorum’s potential run (yet again) for the White House, I offer my very favorite cut and paste tribute to the spasmodically homophobic zealot.  If this isn’t the best headline, maybe ever…. Rick Santorum. If you know … Continue reading

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Rod McKuen, RIP to the King of Troubadours

Does the name Rod McKuen mean anything to you?  It should, if you’re in your mid forties or older and had a mother or grandmother (or were one yourself) with a pulse in the mid 1960’s to late 1970’s.  At … Continue reading

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The Boston Yeti.

There are things I don’t like about Boston.  Like the Patriots and…well, just the Patriots, really.  The Boston Yeti pretty much remedies the city–just goes to show you there’s no limit to what one man, or one Yeti, can accomplish. … Continue reading

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Monday Meme: Right To Bear Arms

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It’s Gandalf Weekend Part 3

It is STILL Gandalf weekend.  Don’t you forget it, pal. Part 1                                  Part 2                                Part 2  

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It’s Gandalf Weekend: Part 2

This is Part of of Gandalf Weekend, which began here> Balrog?  Schmalrog!  Who’s afraid of an ancient evil?

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It’s Gandalf Weekend Part 1b.

The first post was supposed to have two pictures on it. It did not. Opps. Luckily, such things are easily fixed. We didn’t even need Eagles to bail us out on this one. For a change.

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It’s Gandalf Weekend: Part 1

It’s the middle of the freaking winter. I’m finishing my novel, among a million other things, so why not?  I need posts, man.  I need ’em bad. When I was a kid I would have thought long and hard about … Continue reading

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Feeling Political Today?

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“Don’t Go There, Guvna’!” Bobby Jindal & Mythical Euro-Sharia

I missed the whole “No-Go Zone” brouhaha of Fox News and Bobby Jindal in real time, having more important things to do like chase my wife around the house, whooping like a b-movie indian and accompany her on a quick … Continue reading

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