God Bless America? Sometimes You Gotta Wonder

This disgusting tale needs no editorial comment from me.  WWJD indeed.

Pastor Ray Chavez: Poster Boy For Christian Hate & Hypocrisy
Pastor Ray Chavez: Poster Boy For Christian Hate & Hypocrisy



5 responses to “God Bless America? Sometimes You Gotta Wonder”

  1. I’m pretty sure when Jesus said “Love thy neighbor as yourself,” he didn’t add on after that “as long as your neighbor is like yourself.” In fact, what he added on after is “There is no higher commandment.”

    This is an absolutely disgusting story and a great demonstration of how far too many modern “christians” practice a version of the faith that is a perversion of Jesus’ teachings.


    1. I would be the biggest anti-Christianity advocate the world has ever seen except that for every idiot like this I hear about there is someone–like my devoutly catholic inlaws, for example–who don’t do much of the talk, but walk the walk with such admirable selflessness that they redeem the worst of us a dozen times over. I don’t participate in an organized spiritual construction, but the principles I learned in Sunday school as a youth are the bedrock of my morality. I’m forever amazed at the absolutely unconscionable things that some people do based on the warped, self-serving interpretations of the gospels.

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      1. I completely agree. There are some incredible people I have met along the way who are deeply religious. It is not the faith that causes the problems, it is the twisted leadership in some cases and twisted individual interpretations in others.


  2. I just got done reading this before I saw your blog post. Vile and disgusting! Same thing happened in a Florida church last year. I have no words for this. It is beyond my comprehension as a human being.
    Churches rent facilities all the time for gatherings of multiple types of occasions. They readily take money for them. I know this as I was raised in good old fashioned religion. Hand out always to fill those tax free coffers.
    But this…this is beyond anything that I can imagine, but yet am not surprised. Me, I don’t care what Jesus would say, personally. Does it matter? This is just wrong.


    1. Yeah, people ask me what religion I practice, I tell ’em “I don’t need to practice anymore. I mastered it and moved on to the next thing.”

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