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Spock’s Buick

One of the coolest unconventional American cars ever made…the 64 Buick Riviera…and the coolest “pointy-eared Devil” to ever grace the screen.  (Continuing my weekend of Leonard Nimoy tribute-themed posts begun here.) The New York Times did one of the most … Continue reading

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Found Winter Photo: On Thin Ice?

This one caught my eye on Tumblr–can’t get past the Amish feel of the image. I wouldn’t want to be an Amish any of the time, but I especially wouldn’t want to be Amish in the winter.

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Nimoy & Bruno Mars

There’s going to be a lot of Nimoy stuff on this site this weekend.  I loved that guy, and I’m not shy about saying so.

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Tunesday Preview: Be Good Tanyas–Light Enough To Travel

I’m starting to work back into the daily post thing–is it too cute to reconstitute the weekly music video as Tunesday…?  Seeing as it’s a pretty long stretch to call any business I’m about “cute,” I think I’m going to … Continue reading

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Illogical–A World Without Nimoy

So, if you haven’t heard–and I hadn’t, until just this moment, Leonard Nimoy has died. He was famous for many things–acting, directing, producing, the old Hollywood trifecta–but for all his accomplishments we all know him for one thing above all: … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Vindication

Strange people, really odd people, live at my house.  Not only is there no dishwasher (listen to the gasps), but we do have a purple kitchen.  We didn’t set out to have a purple kitchen–it just happened that way.  It … Continue reading

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Iran’s Plywood Posturing

I admire defiance. I have a grudging admiration for Iran.  I’ll admit it. They consistently thumb their nose at America, however toothlessly, which is impressive enough on it’s own, but they also have a valid point: western nations have been … Continue reading

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Found Winter Photo: Princess

Another busy set of days–lots of catching up to do, and I’m going to do it too, so beware: a flurry of posts awaits.  This is just a hint of the promise of things to come, a cool winter photo … Continue reading

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The Maddox Brothers & Rose

It’s been rewarding to have hip people falling all over themselves, infatuated with American “roots music,” having put in my time as a kid in the back seat of cars without seatbelts, subjected to sonic brainwashing from the old country … Continue reading

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Found Winter Photo: Surfing NYC


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