Monday Meme: Wiener Crash (with poem)

wienermobileI’m thinking on this
Monday Meme thing:
how long can it last?
A good meme is hard
to find, frankly; fortunately
I’ve found this frank foible
that’s far and away
the facebook favorite
of the day..

I’ve noticed, via diligent research, that this isn’t an isolated incident.  Pleasantly, the wienermobile is eminently meme-worthy….
5de90e87e7d915a50075b9537eada20f oscar-mayer-wienermobile-stuck-in-snow-randomLOLz

6 responses to “Monday Meme: Wiener Crash (with poem)”

  1. These photos show why we need to keep the hotdoggers off our roads!


  2. Well on the plus side we get to see more of your poetry!


    1. Would you believe I just made that up on the spot? My genius knows no bounds.


  3. Oh, so sorry to see the Oscar Mayer weiner vehicle got into a wreck! Shoot!


  4. […] other day Old Road Apples said such a flattering thing about my […]


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