Tunesday Preview: Be Good Tanyas–Light Enough To Travel

I’m starting to work back into the daily post thing–is it too cute to reconstitute the weekly music video as Tunesday…?  Seeing as it’s a pretty long stretch to call any business I’m about “cute,” I think I’m going to go for it–starting next week.  Since I already wrote the following introduction for today, we’ll call this a Special Preview.

It was still 4 degrees when I came in from shoveling snow this morning around 9am.  In the past 2 months I’ve had to heft, scrape, push, throw and chisel some sort of wintry substance–it’s been steadily frigid, so things have been consistently lovely, aesthetically speaking, rather than grey and brown and slushy, but I’m ready for the next step: daffodils.  I suppose they’re down there, somewhere, under all that snow, but until I see ’em for myself.

In the meantime, let’s forget the chill for a moment with one of my very favorite songs, “Light Enough To Travel” by the old, long-gone Be-Good Tanyas.  It’s warm enough to melt the ice from our shoulders, at least for a while.


One response to “Tunesday Preview: Be Good Tanyas–Light Enough To Travel”

  1. Ah, the Be Good Tanyas. Great band.


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