Found Winter Photo: Canoe

It’s been so cold here that this photo actually makes me feel warm!


7 responses to “Found Winter Photo: Canoe”

  1. silenced siren Avatar
    silenced siren

    That is a BEAUTIFUL photo! Wow!


  2. even when i don’t comment, i still read


    1. I’m glad. I do like the comments though. I’m all about external validation, right?


  3. Ma┼čaAllah, beautiful !


  4. Banff. I recognize the lake even though I photographed it in the summer. So beautiful. Was it called Moraine Lake???


  5. I shivered. Not because I was cold, but because this picture is pretty freakin’ beautiful. And kinda hypnotic.


  6. You found a gorgeous photo and it does seem chilly in the photo, but also amazing!


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