Indiana State Codifies Hate

Indiana_no_gays_allowedIn a shocking (to civilized human beings) development, Indiana Governor Mike Pence flourished his burning cross ballpoint pen and signed Senate Bill 101, the ” Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” a so-called “religious freedom” law which forbids state or local governments from “substantially burdening a person’s ability to exercise their religion–unless the government can show it has a compelling interest and that the action is the least-restrictive means of achieving it.”

Just what the hell does that mean?  In short, it means that as of July 1, any business in the state of Indiana can deny services, employment, or acknowledgement of anyone based on their religious beliefs.  Practically speaking, it is a license to practice bigotry.

Senate leaders say conerns just a "misunderstanding."
Senate leaders say conerns just a “misunderstanding.”

Governor Pence, denying that the law does any such thing, said “This bill is not about discrimination, and if I thought it legalized discrimination I would have vetoed it.”  Leaders of the Republican-controlled senate called concerns nothing more than a “misunderstanding.”

But Eric Miller, the Founder and Executive Director of Advance America stated, a leading supporter of the legislation, said  “It is vitally important to protect religious freedom in Indiana.  It’s the right thing to do.  It was therefore important to pass Senate Bill 101 in 2015 in order to help protect churches, Christian businesses and individuals from those who want to punish them because of their Biblical beliefs!”

Because the 85% of people in the state of Indiana who identify as Christian suffer daily at the hands of the overbearing, rights-denying, freed0m-hating, gods-damning unwashed 15 who haven’t been bathed in the blood of the lamb, so to speak.

A press release from the ironically titled Advance America continued “Churches, Christian businesses and individuals deserve protection from those who support homosexual marriages and those who support government recognition and approval of gender identity (men who dress as women).  SB 101 will help provide the protection…Christian bakers, florists and photographers should not be punished for refusing to participate in a homosexual marriage!”

The bill passed despite loud public outcry from citizen groups, celebrities (including Indianapolis Colts Punter Pat McAfee, who grew up about half an hour down the road from my home–good for you, Pat!), businesses, the NCAA and the sponsors of several major conventions that bring millions of dollars to the state have expressed serious concerns, not only for the economic impact of this bill but for the safety and welfare of conventioneers, business persons, employees, and others who might suffer the soon-to-be legal wrath of Christian extremists looking for payback after losing their struggle against equal marriage rights last year.

CBB7BK6UgAAFfXcIt is telling that Pence signed the bill during a private ceremony, which was barred to both public and press, in his Statehouse office just before 10 a.m. Thursday. He was joined by supportive lawmakers, Franciscan monks and nuns, orthodox Jews, and some of the state’s most powerful lobbyists on conservative social issues.

While this bill is aimed at punishing and denying civil rights to homosexuals, I’m curious what happens the first time, say, a Muslim store owner denies service to a Jewish patron, or perhaps a Hindi restaurant owner refuses to seat a Muslim–or, for that matter, a southern Baptist hotelier denies lodging to Catholic?  It is a slippery slope, once we step away from the ideal of equality–I mean, what are the Scientologists going to do with this law?  I shudder to think.

It’s going to suck to live in some corners of Indiana for a while, but supporters of equal rights should take comfort in the absolute surety that bigoted business owners in all but the most insular communities will quickly feel the financial effects of their discriminatory practices.  Indeed, the main reason that shameful laws like this pass is because it requires the average person to sit quietly by and let the professional hate-mongers who make careers of sewing discord do the dirty work.

I very much hope that a network is quickly formed to call out the hidden bullies who will pick and choose when to use religion as a cudgel to wield against their neighbors. In fact, I’d love to see someone call out businesses in the State of Indiana who intend to adopt discriminatory policies because–you know what?–most of them are going to be too cowardly to actually see it through, let alone admit it publicly.

And, once again, I offer this old rhetorical chestnut:  WWJD do, brothers and sisters?

And by the way, fellow Pennsylvanians–get off your high horses, we’ve got one of these laws too.

11 responses to “Indiana State Codifies Hate”

  1. I must refrain from a string of expletives.
    I fear for this country in many ways. I hate this.Mississippi did this as well. Some businesses reacted with stickers displaying something to the effect “We accept all”. Jan Brewer is probably panting at the chance now that the Super Bowl is over. *more expletives*
    This was great writing. You rock.

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  2. About see that a visit was important!


  3. sometimes we have to remind politicians that they don’t own the country. maybe that is what you guys should do.


    1. The sad thing is, the people who own the politicians DO own the country.


  4. This was just the most depressing news, isn’t it? “My rights are more important than your rights” kind of stuff is such bullshit.


  5. I feel so lucky to live in Australia.


  6. Wow. We actually have anti hate laws in the UK now. They’re aimed to stop people preaching hatred in mosques and churches… It looks as if you guys could do with some. In times of economic struggle politicians always look for minorities to blame. That happens here too… Although not the actual hate laws.. Well at least not until May when, if UKIP get in….

    Great post. Loved the cudgel line. As a Christian I get really angry about this kind of hateful bikle when it’s dressed ip as “religion” and spewed out in the name of my God. It has no more to do with Christian ethics and behaviour than ISIL has with the Muslim faith.




  7. Or even hateful bile, auto correct is the devil’s tool phnark!


  8. I completely agree that it’s a slippery slope. I’m terrified to see what will happen if more laws like this are passed in other states. It’s taking our country backwards. I just can’t believe some people believe that their religion gives them the right to discriminate against people who are different than they are.


  9. It’s an awful thing. I will say that the town we’re in Bloomington is known as the blue thorn in the red state’s paw. Many of the businesses, sans Hobby Lobby won’t be participating in the denial of any service. Many businesses are posting signs, facebook posts, blogs, etc about how they will not condone this neo-Jim Crow era. I’m actually expecting several business to deny service to state reps because they’re Christian and straight.


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