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Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Malcolm X

malcolmxI believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.
—Malcolm X

I’m still working on my words about Baltimore, but this quote comes to mind as  informative and deeply applicable.  A lot of poor folks haven’t been treated right for a long time, and as Malcolm’s contemporary once said, “a hard rain’s a gonna fall” if things don’t change soon.

By JunkChuck

Native, Militant Westsylvanian (the first last best place), laborer, gardener, and literary hobbyist (if by literary you mean "hack"). I've had a bunch of different blogs, probably four, due to a recurring compulsion to start over. This incarnation owes to a desire to dredge up the best entries of the worst little book of hand-scrawled poems I could ever dream of writing, salvageable excerpts from fiction both in progress and long-abandoned. and a smattering of whatever the hell seems to fit at any particular moment. At first blush, I was here just to focus on old, terrible verse, but I reserve the right to include...anything. Maybe everything, certainly my love of pulp novels, growing garlic, the Pittsburgh Steelers and howling at the moon--both figuratively and, on rare occasions, literally.

3 replies on “Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Malcolm X”

Such things are cyclical throughout history. People are inherently prejudiced, it’s what makes us all unique and able to call upon a particular identity whether real or imagined. And within that exclusivity lie the seeds of opposition. How we manage our individuality in light of our behaviour towards others is something that is completely within our control however. It’s all about degrees of acceptability, rather than achieving the true definition of democracy and equality, which as far as I’m concerned will ever remain an unobtainable myth. We can only ever hope to strive for something like it.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a great ideal, if you’re willing to have your head bashed it. I never have, so my ideology takes a markedly more pragmatic approach. If they hit you, hit them back harder.

Rain is cleansing, and cleansing is often anything but peaceful.


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