Monday Meme: Straight Outta….

It’s like yesterday–taking my then-small children to the movies to watch “Are We There Yet” (a great movie with little kids) and realizing I’m laughing in places where nobody else in the theater is laughing–because that’s freaking Ice Cube and this would be like Jello Biafra starring in a remake of The Brady Bunch.


3 responses to “Monday Meme: Straight Outta….”

  1. Yes, this was really freaking funny! I liked it when he branched out, as he has a good comedic timing but his mouth and language is typically R rated! ha ha!


  2. The N.W.A. stuff was both awesome and prophetic–we’re living in the world they were criticized for putting on records 30 years ago–it’s a short jump from Ice Cube’s Compton, to Ferguson, Baltimore, and the hundred of other communities where folks have been pushed past the breaking point. I’d much rather live in his zany comedies, rather than those harsh realities.


  3. […] Last week I posted a joke entry about the supremely talented Ice Cube, and another blogger pointed out how great his comedic timing was.  I had to agree, but it […]


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