The Circumcision Shuffle

I’ll say this about the circumcision issue: man, I’m glad I had daughters.  Where my kids were born there  was a lot of pressure not to circumcise, but where and when I was born it was almost univeral.  I saw one kid, in a career scholastic and club athletics, and the group showers that went with it, who generated a “holy shit what’s going on with that?” discussion.  (And yep, you strangely modest millennial types, all us muscular guys in the 1980s stood in a big open shower room and washed up together EVERY DAY).

As my wife’s pregnancy progressed, the decision weighed on me something fierce, and I must admit part of realizing the bloody, beautiful thing the nurse handed me was a girl included a subtle sigh of relief.  I was spared, and I want to make it clear that I have no standing to say which choice is better, if any.

12805207-General-or-Civil-War-Soldier-Cartoon-Vector-Mascot-Holding-a-Sword-Stock-VectorWith that in mind, the few times the mind-boggling case of Heather Hironimous, the Florida mother who went to court rather than consent to the father of her child’s demands that the boy be circumcised.  The drama seems to have come to an end this weekend as Ms. Hironimous, who had been jailed for contempt of court after a judge ruled against her, tearfully relented and agreed to allow the procedure to take place.  I didn’t follow the details of the trial, I don’t know the story in full, though apparently there was some sort of agreement between Hironimous and the father of the child, who are no longer involved, obviously, that the operation would take place–and then she changed her mind.

What blows my mind is somewhere down in Florida the father, a guy named Dennis Nebus, is dancing a little jig of joy that a judge has given him “temporary authority for medical care” in order to permit him to contract a surgeon to lop off the top of his now-4-year-old son’s winky.  His explanation for his tenacious fight against the foreskin: “it’s the normal thing to do.”


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5 Responses to The Circumcision Shuffle

  1. No wonder they were talking about the circumcision issue on the radio this morning!


  2. Arkenaten says:

    A proposal was put forward a couple of years ago in the European Court (?) to have circumcision declared child abuse other than for medical reasons.
    It was vetoed, notably by the Germans , who it was suggested did not want to upset the Jews – for obvious reasons.
    There were fears that my son might have had to undergo circumcision after he was born, but the pediatrician was dead against it and so we persevered with therapy and eventually it worked out fine.
    No one suggests you cut off one of you toes or earlobes so why the foreskin?
    I am sure that one day it will be declared child abuse and banned.


  3. Rowan says:

    Thankfully I never had the tip nipped, but it’s normal in a lot of local cultures in South Africa. Unfortunately it doesn’t always end well as the boys end up in these rural circumcision/initiation camps where the circumcision is done by traditional healers…


  4. reocochran says:

    Oh my! I was one who did allow my son to get circumcised but wondered if I were too hasty….


  5. Bill Diskin says:

    As a father of three boys…

    -Bill Dickskin

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