Neko Case At the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh

Playing around with a new camera…we caught the sound check (lightning bolt guitar strap) in the afternoon before the actual show at 7:30. It threatened rain all evening, dark clouds swirling around, but we only got a few sprinkles just before Neko, Kelly, and the boys took the stage.  Perfect evening despite the douchebag behind us flirting pathetically with his date, shouting in my ear so she could hear you over the music–dude, talking for 90 minutes about your convention in Atlanta–at the Peach Tree Center, you think, or is it Peach Tree Plaza–it’s something Peach Tree–so try being a little respectful and shut the hell up. (I’m the big bearded guy who turned around and gave you the death glare during “Hold On, Hold On.”  Come on, man–Neko and Kelly Hogan have the best stage repartee I’ve ever experienced–I know it was a free show, but just shut up and listen.
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3 responses to “Neko Case At the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh”

  1. Always loved her voice, thanks for sharing.


  2. I love her energy and music. You were so lucky to get to see her in concert!


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