What? Rain?

This photo looks joyous. In truth, the young lady is surrendering to the inevitable, biding the rain gods to do what they will. The bastards. I don’t like to whine, but–are you kidding me? Less than a month ago, the following article ran in my hometown newspaper. I’ve never met this guy Quigley, but I blame him for what has happened since his little drought warning.



weather sucks


4 responses to “What? Rain?”

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the weather (seasonal) seems totally out a whack compared to when I was a kid…which really wasn’t that long ago, lol.

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  2. The Chaos Realm Avatar
    The Chaos Realm

    I sympathize with that fellow! Every time I water the plants, it’s a guarantee that it will rain immediately after, even if it hasn’t rained for days, and it’s not rainy season, and I can’t put off not watering the plants any longer, it will rain that same day. Another perk of being the “Chaos Fairy”. *laugh*

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  3. hahahahaha LOL @ Quigley…I still blame Demetrius. In part because the news is so much less inviting now. I bet the Chicago weather is doing great!

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  4. Demetrius is dead to me. Likewise Julie Bologna. At least I can get Chicago, but Julie ran for Dallas. The bitch. Who does that?


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