Personality Test: Zombie or Grizzly

zombieMake your decision before you read my story below.  Now, suspend your disbelief: there are two doors in front of you, both of which open from the outside only. Once you step through, there is no going back. You cannot stay where you are.  Behind one of the doors is a thousand pound grizzly.  Behind the other door is a flesh-eating zombie.  Which do  you choose.  Answer and explain in the comments section.

The first time I saw a Grizzly it was across a long vista of rolling grassland and meadow–it was loping along, covering a lot of ground, traveling perpendicular to me.  I instinctively alg-grizzly-bear-jpgfroze, glanced at the treeline for something to climb–just looking at that beast, probably 800 pounds of horror, running like an athlete, sent my heart racing, my adrenal gland pumping, the little hairs on my arms and the back of my neck bristling. The thing was easily a thousand yards in the distance–although, at the 35 mph a Grizz can romp, I’d have 20 seconds, give or take, if the wind changed.  Later, I would reflect on the immediate, profound fear response and wonder if my subconscious sense of caution was that strong, or if I was experiencing something more profound, literal instinct. Genetic memory.

3 responses to “Personality Test: Zombie or Grizzly”

  1. The Chaos Realm Avatar
    The Chaos Realm

    Grizzly. Because, at least they have some sort of consciousness left. I think I would still have a chance that they might not attack. If they did decide to attack, I’d rather be lunch for a grizzly rather than a once-human zombie…chain of life and all that.


  2. Some choice! 😆

    The grizzly – they are better groomed than zombies – and, as a woman, I can tell you a good hair and makeup day is very important.


  3. I would give the Zombie a cigarette, a pop, and a cup of coffee. Say let’s do this thing, because that’s what nicotine/caffeine crazed artist’s do. I side with the zombies.


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