2015 Summer Wonder #30: Rain Dance

More rain. 34 of the past 38 days. Death to meteorologists!  A pox on all their houses.  If only I like rain even of a fraction as much as this young lady seems to.



5 responses to “2015 Summer Wonder #30: Rain Dance”

  1. I knew we were in trouble the moment the northeast meteorologists started using the word drought in early June. Nobody puts Mamma Nature in a corner.


  2. Pennsylvania has seemed like the tropics – every day a steamy, muggy mix with quick, fierce downpours in the evening. I am waiting for palm trees and coconuts to appear admidst the cornfields!


  3. This rain is getting quite old, no doubt about that. We only had five days in June that it didn’t rain at some point.


  4. We are having rain now..which is much appreciated!



  5. Beautiful photos. Made the rainy day seem very nice.


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