Paul Pelton/ Paul Santucci–Remember This Face

If what has been alleged is true, and the evidence seems fairly universal and damning, the ugly sack known as Paul Pelton is not a collection of skin and bile and fat and bone, he is a sick, festering, rotting sack of worm-ridden shit.

It is story that must be read to be believed–in short, he came upon a traffic accident, forced his way into the wreckage, and berated the victims while filming their suffering, and never lifting a finger to help. One of the grievously injured teenagers died shortly after.

Pelton attempted to sell the footage to local news stations around Lorain, Ohio, but when they rightly–and admirably, I must say–refused, he published them himself under a the pseudonym “Paul Santucci” on Facebook.  Alerted the disturbing, macabre act police arrested Pelton, but there really isn’t a law to fit this disgusting violation of human decency.

In my mind, the heartless Pelton is a cold, evil man to be watched, a potential sociopath unburdened by conscience, empathy, or even a tenuous grasp of the concepts of right and wrong.  May he live out his day, isolated by his fellow humans, feared by some and loathed by all, like a monster who lives under a bridge on the dark road outside of town.

4 responses to “Paul Pelton/ Paul Santucci–Remember This Face”

  1. Crazy! Who would do such a thing?


  2. This is AMERICA, land of opportunity. And this Paul Pelton character saw an opportunity to make a quick buck, and he jumped on it. He’s a ghoul, however, shoving his way into the wreckage of an accident to video it so he could sell the footage, rather than to HELP PEOPLE. And being a ghoul, a coldhearted bastard, didn’t pay off for him. He’s going to be famous, for all the wrong reasons. I hope he got what he wanted.


  3. He’s one sick puppy, alright! He should probably be locked away – but not in jail, in the madhouse, because isn’t a sociopath mentally ill?


  4. Unbelievable hard to believe the law enforcement could not find something to charge him with. Cruel society we live in.


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