In The Garden: Bees

My wife’s flowers & photographs.
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5 responses to “In The Garden: Bees”

  1. Great pictures! The plant looks like Gooseneck Loosestrife. I find bee-watching really relaxing, (except when I’m trying to get a good picture of a busy bee).


    1. Good eye on the plants–we’ve got a substantial patch of it. Beautiful, but but aggressive; it requires constant vigilance. The bees swarm it, however, so it’s worth the effort–anything for the bees.


      1. Aggressive — that’s why I haven’t introduced that one to my place. Already have enough pushy plants. 🙂


      2. Yes, we pondered grubbing it out, but since it seems to spread by runner, not seed–none of it coming up elsewhere in the gardens–we relegated it to a spot in front of a hackberry tree where a lot of stuff won’t grow, and kept it for the bees.

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  2. Beautiful photos! Bees are so very important…all of nature is important…It pains me what is happening with Mother Earth. Your wonderful photos remind us of the gift of bees! Thank you!


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