Monday/Memeday: Angry Jacob

Oh, Jacob….


13 responses to “Monday/Memeday: Angry Jacob”

  1. Bwa-hahahaha!! 😀 😀
    Me as teenager, my kids as teenagers… must now go replenish and clean up snorted coffee.


  2. OH wow this is wonderful! This made me smile! 😀


  3. At least he was able to grow his damn hair! I had to leave home before that happened!


    1. I always wanted to have long hair, but when I started to grow it out I realized that I just looked like an idiot…very disappointing.


  4. Even Satanists have to water the flowers.


    1. I know! I popped a couple of buttons on my shirt, laughing.

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  5. So glad my kids skipped the goth phase. I’d hate to see them mowing the lawn in that. Think of how hot they’d get! 😉


    1. I generally can’t help but crack a smile when I see somber teens, especially Goths.


      1. I always feel a bit badly for them. So desperate to be different.

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  6. Reblogged this on Kev's Great Indie Authors and commented:
    When I saw this, my first thought was: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… my son used to be a Goth, so I know what I’m talking about. This is something I’d expect to see him doing. 😀 Welcome to Rollover Sunday, Chuck!


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