The Great Sexy Halloween Costume Debate 4 of 4

Some final thoughts.  I wanted to weigh in on my own here, sort of a personal summary, while touching base on potential costume choices.

The father in me had no problem coming up with a several costume suggestions which are, in their particular socio-cultural mileau, hot enough to incinerate.  Among them are…


The man of reason in me just wants to caution you against this….
https _assets.rbl.ms_2261144_980x

And the husband says, “Hey, baby–you could totally pull this off….”

2 responses to “The Great Sexy Halloween Costume Debate 4 of 4”

  1. I believe the French word you want is spelled “milieu.”

    No offense, it’s just the teacher in me.

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  2. Shit–because I knew that. It’s kind of a stretch in that context, too. Still, it’s not the first–or even among the first ten thousand–typos in this blog.


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