Two Weeks of Halloween: Bunny Cult

There’s a strange and seemingly growing phenomena of folks wearing bunny masks…  I think they’re a cult, and I’m scared of them.  Oh, it seems innocent enough at the beginning…


But he’s watching…


They’re all watching…


And the next thing you know, it happens, and you’re part of it…


And the worst thing is, when it’s done, you don’t really even care.


They’re everywhere, hiding in plain sight…

toyota rabbit cult

Screenshot 2015-10-24 10.43.33

Anya knew…


5 responses to “Two Weeks of Halloween: Bunny Cult”

  1. I’ve seen severa lmovies on Netflix where the evil characters are bunnies. ( about 5, I think ) There’s a trend,I think… first, it’s the clowns, then dolls, now its bunnies.

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  2. hahaha..this creeped the shit out of me…I agree…cult for sure..I am with you.. and I am shivering now.. thanks a fuckin lot.. 😛

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  3. Well put together. I am not creeped out usually but this was a little creepy. Ha ha ha

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  4. Wow, they are scary! Creepy, man. Watch out for the bunny cult.

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