Indiana Resident Steve Says He’ll Accept Refugees ‘As Long as They’re Cool Listening to Phish’

When it comes to jam bands, I’m more of a WSP guy, or old school Dead, but Steve clearly Rocks. Phish rocks in small doses, but Steve rocks hard. Way to go Steve.

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Looking to make a difference in the recent Syrian refugee crisis, Evansville, Indiana resident and avid Phish fan Steve said he will accept any and all Syrian refugees into his home “as long as they’re cool listening to lots of Phish.”

“It’s disgusting, all these people saying our country shouldn’t take in any Syrian refugees,” Steve said in a Facebook post yesterday evening. “This is an open invitation to anyone making the difficult migration to the States: You’re welcome to come stay with me in my apartment in Evansville, Indiana. Only thing is, I listen to a lot of Phish, so you have to be down with that or this will likely not work out.”

He continued: “I know a lot of people aren’t into Phish, so I feel like I have to give that disclaimer. A lot of my friends make fun of me for listening to them and…

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