Amazon Is Weird…

…or funny. Drunk funny, maybe.  I looked at their site the other day, and something is amiss in their recommendations. The items at the bottom make sense–I’m interested in riding more rail trails, and it seems like an extra way for my wife and I to distract ourselves from our pending empty nest syndrome, so the first book makes sense.  I’m into science fiction,  I’m looking for a new computer, and I do like holiday music–and have other holiday music by those two bands, so that all works.  As for the Christmas Elf costumes, however…what the hell do I interpret from these?  I’ve never bought one, or shopped for one, and even if I did the odds of getting them in my size (XXXL in Orc sizes) are pretty slim.

I guess I’m left to infer that this is some subtle plot for me to buy the afore-mentioned  wife a sexy elf costume, and that she is in a real damn hurry to get one of these outfits…but which one?  I like the barber pole socks on outfits at the edge, but I also like the tall black boots, second from right.

Decisions, decisions…

Do you think this means she’s getting a me a Santa Suit?  Role play doesn’t appeal to me in  broad terms, but Santa and the Sexy Elf?  A guy could do worse

Screenshotb edit


4 responses to “Amazon Is Weird…”

  1. Those candy cane thigh-highs are adorable…
    I dunno.
    Amazon sometimes recommends very strange things. Like, I shopped for pools and they were all, “Look at this recliner!”

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    1. Yes. Those caught my eye, too. Again, probably not in my size! Ha. Maybe this is the year for my wife to get stockings in her stocking…

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  2. I work in a library and regularly view books, DVDs and games on Amazon for various purposes to do with work. A wild variety of topics, of course. I think I have its recommendation algorithms thoroughly flummoxed.

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  3. Sometimes Amazon is like the person who buys you a (strange, what-were-they-thinking) gift and says “I saw this and I just knew you’d love it!” Um, not really…


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