Monster Gator Caught In Florida

Did everyone see the size of the alligator that was recently killed in Florida–estimated at 15′ long and over 700 lbs, it’s shown at the bottom of the page. That’s just…Nope.

It’s like this:


Real Scary.


3 responses to “Monster Gator Caught In Florida”

  1. Living in Brooklyn, NY, I know they have ‘gators in Florida…there’s even an Alligator Alley if I remember right from childhood vacations down there. But the, ummmm, creature pictured at the bottom of the page, I do believe that’s an alligator that spent all its days eating some kind of steroids or growth hormones (and possibly a couple of people).


  2. Seen news article about that yesterday. Amazing.


  3. I saw this monster alligator on the news – wow what a size. It was supposed to be eating cattle but I’m surprised it didn’t take down some humans as well as all it would have to do is open its enormous mouth and you would just disappear into its stomach. Thankfully here in the UK we don’t have any such giant predators!


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