Ah, Brunch


That’s a basic Bloody Mary beside a grilled muenster with fresh tomatoes and slivered red onions on rye. Simple, straight-forward.  The photo is not very sharp because I’m just learning to use my cell phone camera. (I’m not really what you’d call an early adopter) I’ve not generally been one of those folks who Screenshot_2takes a lot of photos of my food–in part because I never had a smart phone until a few weeks ago, part because I don’t usually order food for its aesthetic appeal, and mostly because, really, who wants to be that guy taking pictures of his food? I may have been a little derisive about the whole trend. But it is kind of fun, isn’t it. It took me a while to see that, and given that I’ve recently made a promise to myself to be more playful and more embracing of the positive, I’m thinking: why the hell not take pictures of my food, my dog, my friends, my booze, the flowers in the yard, the cat with a chipmonk drooping in her mouth (good cat).

More on this later, as if reflects a slightly altered direction not only in my life, but in this blog.

2 responses to “Ah, Brunch”

  1. I’ve long been that guy who takes photos of his food, much to the detriment of my wife (who does, herself, occasionally take photos of her food, though not with the same level of zeal as I). Oh, and good job with the Bloody Mary. You’ve done it right!

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  2. The grilled muenster looks great! Might have to try that one. As for taking pics of food … I never did until recently, but sometimes if something I am cooking comes out looking really good, I do. My daughter used to take pics of every meal to send to her boyfriend. He is no longer her bf! 😀

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