Tunesday: The Minutemen, Corona

If you kids ever wonder why we olden shits scoff at your Beeber and all that empty Disney crap, it’s because the music we played to make the double-hung windows shake was unimaginably awesome. You know nothing about the 1980s–Patti Labell and Duran Duran?  I never once saw a girl wearing leg warmers on the street. Screw that.

Yes, I am that old guy shaking his fist at you and telling you to get out of my yard, but the Minutemen were the coolest band ever.  Ever.

2 responses to “Tunesday: The Minutemen, Corona”

  1. I’ve been waxing nostalgic about Nine Inch Nails and Smashing Pumpkins myself. Time is a funny, funny thing.

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    1. You must be just a few minutes younger than me…but nostalgia is a good thing. Gives us a reason to shake our fists and complain about “those damned kids and their crappy music.”


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