Autumn Coming: Time For Pumpkin Flavored Everything

We recently had the first crisp evening that hinted at the changes to come, that feeling in the air that native Westsylvanians recognize as “a Football Night.” In the verges, the annual flora are showing wear, the color of goldenrod lines country roads and the counts of our prolific whitetail deer seen dead along the highways, stirred to their violent ends by the hormonal surges of the rut and the the instinctive understanding that food will soon be much less abundant. In the trees, the earliest leaves are already beginning to flush, and in the bars and coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries, the taps and pitchers and shelves are suddenly and predictably weighted by food and drink flavored with “Pumpkin Spice.” If you expected me to offer consolation, I apologize. I have none to give. Indeed, the words that might help are these: be strong and resolute. Like all tribulations, this too will pass.

6 responses to “Autumn Coming: Time For Pumpkin Flavored Everything”

  1. No doubt the pumpkin plague is here. The list of pumpkin flavored things I enjoy: pumpkins. That’s about it.


  2. I love pumpkin pie. Sometimes, rarely, I enjoy a pumpkin muffin, roll, or risotto. That’s it. I do not have pumpkin spice fever.


  3. Pumpkin actually has almost no flavour. It’s the spice (cinnamon, ginger + who knows what else) that’s added to coffee, tea, beer (yuck!) and other inappropriate foods. But hey — it’s a thing!

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  4. Ha. Right you are! But resistance is futile. At least for me, given that I enjoyed a bottle of 2 Towns’ “Hollow Jack” pumpkin cider Friday night. It was pretty good, too!


  5. When our dog gets the stomach upset, the vet says to give her canned pumpkin. It works. And that’s the best use of pumpkin I’ve ever heard.


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