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Weird Christmas Card of the Year

4 X 6

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Golden Christmas Tree

I found this on Tumblr back in January.  Nice, eh?


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12 Days of Halloween Witches


There are witches in the hills
Calling my name
Sayin’, “Come, join us sister
Come, kiss the flame
Come, dance in the moonbeams
Ride the night winds
Make love to the darkness
And laugh at man’s sins”

I shiver with delight
I shiver with fear
My heart wants to go
But my soul’s filled with fear
So I turn to my lover
And ask, “What do I do?
Do I answer their call or
Stay here with you?”

But under spell of deep sleep
He moans and turns away
Takin’ his protection
And my desire to stay
So I rise to the hills
I ride the night winds
I make love to the darkness
And I laugh at man’s sins

Cowboy Junkies

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Organic Roadkill

I intended this piece as a bold statement on the isolation and ultimate futility of our ostensibly rich and purposeful lives. I understand, it is powerful imagery, and can be disturbing to contemplate, but I must confess that in embracing the perspective–as a detached, virtually omnipotent observer–I find solace, even liberation, in examining the naked truth of my reality.


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2016 Summer Wonders: Art By Elizabeth Lennie

I stumbled on these over the winter.  Aren’t they nice?

Faith Tethys


“For 25 years Elizabeth Lennie has worked as an actress in theatre, film and television while developing a painting practice and raising 3 daughters in mid-town Toronto with husband performer/writer/teacher Mike Kirby. Her liquid landscapes are both abstract and figurative and explore the memory myth of summer. The medium is oil paint on canvas or board, with layered washes, thicker impasto, and the occasional graphite text. The archetypes surrounded by water explore notions of self within the resonance of shared memory. E. Lennie’s paintings are featured regularly in the media and are collected in Canada, the US, the UK and Japan.”


I’m Be Blogging ‘Til The Cows Come Home

I’ve been really busy in my analog life, but my heart is with you.

And also a little bit with Instagram, where I found this:

Screenshot (5)

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Pittsburgh: Opportunity

Found from .  I can’t love this city enough, and with it all the young, creative, inspired people who’ve made it #TheKingofCities.



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Pittsburgh Artist Brett Day Opening: The Boy Who Haunted Himself

Multi-talented Pittsburgh artist greeted friends and fans at the opening of his latest  exhibit, “The Boy Who Haunted Himself” at the Borelli-Edwards Galleries at 3583 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.






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Photo Of People Falling Over Compared To Renaissance Art

This explosively viral image is cutting through the internet at outbreak speed, was made by Joel Goodman at the Manchester Evening News in Merry Olde England–very merry, by the look of things.  Well, huzzah!. Isn’t it beautiful?  I need a print. Follow this link to see an entire gallery of spectacular images from New Years Eve.

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Leonard Cohen’s “Midnight Run For Cheetos At The Local 7/11″

Midnight Run For Cheetos At The Local 7-11

Photo by Bob Faggen.
Photo & caption contributed by Leonard Cohen