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Ugh, They Did It Again…

Ugh, they did it again. I was away from here more than I was here the past few months, and things look–and work–a little differently. Ugh. With Apolgies To Britney Spears Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah … Continue reading

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Reply To Personal Ad

SOLD! to the tall man in the back row with the ugly brown hat. I’m here to say: I liked your ad; You were the one “looking for a guy with teeth,” right? Seeing that I have some (teeth, that … Continue reading

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The Only God I’ve Seen

Since you asked, the only god I’ve seen rolled reckless from a red, cardboard Cracker-Jack box, elusive from lips to lap and mad as hell, no decoder ring to metaphrase the sharp sting of copper on tongue coated in caramel … Continue reading

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Svarog’s Hymn

Svarog’s Hymn One true Church, he grinned mischievously. It is mine, obviously. The Church of Me— I, mine and me, now that’s a trinity!

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She likes bright colors set against stark striking white; he is partial to browns and ruddy greens. You know: earth tones or, as she calls them, “moldy shades of decay.”

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Sugar Season Haiku Cycle

Spontaneous, no-revision haiku scrawled in a fit of boredom…. Snow concedes, contracts Shadows shorten with each dawn Totems bleed sweetness       Electric drill whirs Thirteen miles of plastic hose Grandpa had a bucket       Good dry … Continue reading

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Monday Meme: Wiener Crash (with poem)

I’m thinking on this Monday Meme thing: how long can it last? A good meme is hard to find, frankly; fortunately I’ve found this frank foible that’s far and away the facebook favorite of the day.. I’ve noticed, via … Continue reading

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Spam Poetry Challenge Entry

Christy over at Poetry Parfait threw down the gauntlet for a Spam Poetry Challenge.  I apologize for my entry in advance–I didn’t take it very seriously, I guess. I’m putting the poem first, because it works better that way.  The … Continue reading

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The Weeds Have Grown Up Around The Stone Fire Ring

(working draft…) The weeds have grown up around the stone fire ring; morning glories twist filigree about the wrought iron table and the lane is laid in gold with last year’s grass, a few bold saplings, sticky burdock and the … Continue reading

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Tsunami Sketch

I watch them walk wonderingly, Stupified across the strange expanding sand And I, likewise bewitched, stare mute Eight years and half a world distant: It’s not right It’s not right It’s not right And when it comes, it is perfect, … Continue reading

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