art Photo I Took Saturday Night Originals

Saturday Night Originals: Country Cookout 1985

This is a companion picture to this.  The ensuing meal introduced me to that culinary marvel which would sustain me for many summer nights in the thirty years that has passed between then and now: the Mountain Pie.  The girl in the photo was my date for my senior prom.


Photo I Took Saturday Night Originals

2015 Summer Wonder # 27: Indifferent Fireworks

This lady could clearly not be less impressed.


art Photo I Took Saturday Night Originals

Saturday Night Originals: Appalachian Sunburst 1985

So, it’s not Saturday. I know. I didn’t want to wait another week to get this series on track. I’m not a photographer, but I’ve taken a few dozen pictures over the years that I liked–some of them, like this one, are scans of ancient film shots. Enjoy the pretentious effects–I thought I was being pretty arty at the time.

Appalachia Sunburst

Saturday Night Originals

Saturday Night Originals: OBX

I’m no photographer, and I’m envious of those who have “the eye,” and the skills to go with it, to create beautiful and interesting photographic images.  I spend too much time looking at photography here, on Flickr, or wherever else I might find it, and I’m thankful for all of you who regularly share your work with us.



Be that as it may,  I’ve shot a LOT of photos over the years–more of them than not before the advent of digital photography, a technological leap that coincided with my settling down to raise my children.  Oh, I still took a lot of photos–but most of them were of my family and I living our lives. Snapshots. Don’t get me wrong, I was always shooting snapshots–but for the past 15 years or so the camera has been pointed at birthday parties and family vacations.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

Fortunately, when you’ve shot thousands upon thousands of photos over the years, every once in a while you get something you like–something that isn’t a red-eyed shot of your dog begging for snacks, or a blurry image of your kid dribbling a basketball.


That’s what Saturday Night Originals will be about–putting some of my own photos (a few of which careful, long term readers might have seen before) here because, well, because I can.  Why Saturday Night?  Easy: Sundays are my biggest reader days, and weekends are my busiest non-writing times, making photo posts a perfect regular feature to fill the gap, should my busy schedule interfere with blogging time.