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Pluto Shits on the Universe By Fatimah Asghar

Pluto Shits on the Universe By Fatimah Asghar On February 7, 1979, Pluto crossed over Neptune’s orbit and became the eighth planet from the sun for twenty years. A study in 1988 determined that Pluto’s path of orbit could … Continue reading

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Svarog’s Hymn

Svarog’s Hymn One true Church, he grinned mischievously. It is mine, obviously. The Church of Me— I, mine and me, now that’s a trinity!

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Lowell Blues

Thinking about things Beat after yesterday’s Shakespeare & Company post.  Seems like a good time to share this cool film, found on the equally cool Allen Ginsberg Project blog. “Henry Ferrini’s impressionistic evocative Lowell Blues (2000) is a honeyed melancholic … Continue reading

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Do You Recognize This Poem?

I found this in an file, dated 4/2014, along with a lot of potential edits, the full text Genesis: I 1-27, and A LOT of notes on those passages.  I have no memory of the how and the why, if … Continue reading

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Spam Poetry Challenge Entry

Christy over at Poetry Parfait threw down the gauntlet for a Spam Poetry Challenge.  I apologize for my entry in advance–I didn’t take it very seriously, I guess. I’m putting the poem first, because it works better that way.  The … Continue reading

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Two Poems Stuck In My Head

Forgive me, it’s been over 6 weeks since i sat down and tried to think in verse.  Forget about the actual work of putting it on paper and tinkering.  I could blame all the obligations–work, kid’s stuff, chores, a wedding, … Continue reading

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The Colorado Independent: News Poems

I’m continually scouring the internet, looking for poetry to roll around in like one of those crazed grizzlies on Kodiak Island loll about in rotting whale flesh–intoxicated by the joy and sensory overload of sustenance, bounty, excess.  I found that … Continue reading

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