Old Road Apples Recurring Features


The only way this blog thing was going to work was to build a skeleton of disciplined, regular posts to keep me honest–and to give me inspiration when it is lacking.  By creating themed recurring features I have an automatic source of inspiration. By putting them on specific days I impose a bit of discipline. I also use these features as a tool to maintain regular posts when my life, and my schedule, determines that I’m needed elsewhere, away from my blogging desk.

Monday/Memeday–I open the week with a witty–or at least droll–bit of viral entertainment that appeals to me for one reason or another.  It may be a joke, or a silly video, or a pointed social or political message, or a cat doing something cute.  Whatever it is, it’s something that a million other people–or, at the very least, the person who sent it to me, and me–already think is worthwhile.  And that cat really cracks me up.

Tunesday–This one is pretty self-explanatory.  It is a post about music.  Sometimes you’ll get an entire essay about the entertainer, often including why the music is so relevant to me, but somethings it’s just a really cool song I want to share.  Because you’re worth it.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom–A good quote or collection of quotes, most of them wise and or valuable.  Or funny.  Occasionally, the use of the word becomes ironic, like when I’m quoting Tea Baggers or hatemongers.  If you see something that doesn’t strike you as particularly wise, please switch on your bullshit detector because it’s likely I’m messing with you.

Saturday Night Originals–I’m no photographer, and I’m envious of those who have “the eye,” and the skills to go with it, to create beautiful and interesting photographic images.  Fortunately, when you’ve shot thousands upon thousands of photos over the years, every once in a while you get something you like–something that isn’t a red-eyed shot of your dog begging for snacks, or a blurry image of your kid dribbling a basketball.

That’s what Saturday Night Originals is about–putting some of my own photos  Why Saturday Night?  Easy: Sundays are my biggest reader days, and weekends are my busiest non-writing times, making photo posts a perfect regular feature to fill the gap, should my busy schedule interfere with blogging time.

Summer Wonders–Contrary to what my wife thinks, the Summer Wonders series of photos isn’t just a thinly veiled excuse to post photos of girls in bikinis. The collection, which appears mostly-daily from June-September is a celebration of all things summer. It  was originally called “Found Summer Photos” because at first I would do a google search and look for the most interesting photo on the page. As it turns out, Summer and the bikini are virtually inseparable–there’s a clear symbiosis at work.  It is interesting, when I can track down sources, that most of the interesting sexy photos of women (that aren’t obviously glossy mainstream bathing suit pictorials) are actually taken by women or, in the case of Pinterest, posted by women. Indeed, when I first posted images like this I was anticipating a spirited discussion.  After all, the majority of my readers are smart and female, but as it turns out: not so much. I do get a lot of hits on these pages, however.

The Six O’Clock Srounger–When I’m wasting time, chewing on electronic distractions like a cow chews cud, I turn pack rat. Not that it is a drastically distant fall. The Force may run strong in some families–all I got was this encysted hoarder thing in my belly. Its not cancerous yet, but I need to keep an eye on it. With the interwebs, even my modicum of restraint is unnecessary. I have 2 terabytes of closet space for all the crap I scrounge. At one point, before some serious deleting, there were 25,000 bookmarks on one of my browsers. It is time to give some of this crap away.

Underwater Sundays–There are so many good summer photos, and I have a particular affection for photos taken under water. That’s a little weird, right? In any case, think of this as a spinoff of Summer Wonders, a sort of like The Hooterville Trilogy. And yes, I was just aching for a chance to make that reference.

1 Response to Old Road Apples Recurring Features

  1. Haylee says:

    I like a bit of structured word play! Thanks for following, I look forward to seeing what meme comes along tomorrow 🙂


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